We're open from 10am - 6pm, Monday to Friday and 10am - 5pm on Saturday. We're closed all day Sunday.

COVID-19 and the Bike Foundry

We’ve changed the way we’re operating to ensure the safety of our staff and the community

  • We’re serving people at the door and not allowing anyone into the shop unless they are wearing a face covering and at the discretion of the staff member
  • We’re operating by appointment only for most repair work. This helps to limit the number of people gathering at the shop by staggering arrival times. It also helps us mange the increased work load accredited to the reduction in private car use and public transport
  • Punctures and some other minor works can be carried out on a while you wait basis and without appointment, but please call to confirm that we have capacity to do this before visiting
  • We are wearing face coverings whilst serving customers to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19
  • We are spraying all bikes with sanitiser outside the shop before we bring them in
  • We are not coming into work if we or anyone in our household has symptoms as outlined by the WHO

What you can do to help reduce the risks

  • Call in advance or send us an email as we may not have what you’re looking for and a journey to the shop will put yourself and others at risk
  • Do not show up for your appointment at the wrong time as this may clash with another appointment
  • Wear a face covering and sanitise your hands especially when handling products or using the card machine
  • Keep a 2m distance from anyone else outside the shop and give our staff members room
  • Be patient, this is an unusual time for everybody and our staff have been working very hard since March

Thanks for reading.

For more information visit WHO

Call us to book an appointment on 0121 459 7276



Coronavirus update

24/3 update

Bike shops are explicitly excluded from the latest government instructions for more shops to close. All the procedures listed below still apply; the only further change to our operations is that we are suspending Tool Club, and are now closing at 6pm on Thursdays.


Original statement:

Here at the Bike Foundry we are taking steps to make sure that we minimise the risk of coronavirus infection, while also ensuring that people have their bikes to get around. We and other local cooperatives are doing what we can as businesses to support social distancing, the best method we have for slowing the spread of the virus ourselves. This is what we mean by ‘solidarity in separation’.

Bikes are a safer mode of transport in these times – public transport tends to bring people into close contact with each other, and not everyone has access to or can afford cars. Because of this, we will be continuing to do repairs and sell bikes and parts for as long as we can. But there are new steps we are adding to our process to reduce risk.

On arrival at the Bike Foundry, you will be greeted at the door by a worker who will find out what the problem is, and take your contact details, same as usual. Before bringing the bike into the shop we will rinse it with an antiviral solution. The worker will then bring the bike inside and wash their hands before continuing work.

Medical advice indicates that this will greatly reduce the risk of the virus spreading either directly between people, or on the surface of the bike. We will also be implementing more regular surface and hand cleanings throughout the day.

We rely on our customers to apply common sense and keep themselves isolated if they have any symptoms, or to do the same as a precaution if they have been in close contact with someone who has been ill.

The situation is changing rapidly. It is impossible to say with any certainty what the situation will be like in even a few days’ time, so we will update our processes as we learn more. This is a scary time, but we’re focussing on supporting the simple and effective steps we can all take – hygiene and social distancing. We’re also looking forward to working even more with local co-ops to help the community with food and supplies.

– Ben, Chris, Nan and Sean

Breadfast Club!

Over the summer we’ve been hosting monthly rides in collaboration with Loaf workers co-op just up the road.

These are the details of the next one happening this weekend!

Join us for breakfast at Loaf before a cycle ride led by Birmingham Bike Foundry

Meet at Loaf at 9.30am.

You can leave your bike inside whilst we have breakfast in the cookery school.

Casual help-yourself breakfast of surplus bakery bread/toast/pastries and whatever else we can rustle up, plus coffee + tea.

Suggested donation of £3pp.

Ride leaves at 10am.

You are welcome to leave belongings at Loaf whilst you are on the ride.

The Ride

The ride will be a 20-30 mile loop, returning to Stirchley for 1pm. You’ll need to be confident cycling on the road to join in. We will share the route prior to the event if you would like to familiarise yourself with it. Pace is roughly 12-15mph but is set by the group – no one will be left behind.

No need to book but please RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers. You can email us on info@loafonline.co.uk or email Birmingham Bike Foundry on info@birminghambikefoundry.org or respond on Facebook.

South Birmingham Cycle Maps

Last summer we were involved in designing and creating a cycle map of South Birmingham for the Old Print Works, a space for artist and makers in Balsall Heath. The idea behind the map was to highlight a number of safer cycling routes crossing from popular areas of the city and into the Old Print Works venue in Balsall Heath on the Moseley Road. The map also points out a number of art spaces and galleries in the area and key transportation links and bike shops. The map also has a circular route on the other side which runs from the Old Print Works through Cannon Hill Park and back round through Moseley and back to the start.

As keen cyclists we could see the value of having a new cycle map produced worked on the map. There used to be a very good one produced by the city council which is now out of stock, so this map fills a bit of a hole for us when we are advising customers on good routes in the area, which is really important to us as a shop that helps lots of people getting back involved in cycling or taking it up for the first time.

Old Print works held a launch day to celebrate the launch of the map and the rest of their cycling facilities in the summer which you can read about here.

We’re lucky to have a couple of designers working in the shop who worked on the map, and are really glad to see that it’s been printed, distributed and found it’s way across the city. Feel free to get in touch if you have a similar project you’d like some help with, we are happy to point you in the direction of good designers or consider taking it on board ourselves.



South Birmingham Co-operative Info Night No.1

Tuesday 14th November 7pm-9pm : Artefact Cafe

Join us at Artefact Cafe for an evening of meeting people involved in co-operatives in Stirchley and South Birmingham more broadly. We’ll be hearing briefly from some of the worker co-operatives on the high street about how and why they set up and what they do. There will be people there who know a fair bit about co-ops and might be able to point you in the right direciton if your new to them, and there’ll be those who are totally new to it.

Worker co-operatives are a way of running our own work, without bosses. They follow some basics principles which allow for democracy in the workplace, collective ownership and allow workers to be actively involved in their jobs. We’ve seen a few of them started in Stirchley in recent years but see no reason that there shouldn’t be more. There’ll likely be people who are involved in other sorts of co-operatives too – housing co-operatives and consumer co-ops.


Progress Building Bakery co-op in Rojava

In winter of 2016 Birmingham Bike Foundry were the main organisers of a fundraiser for a Women’s co-operative bakery in Kobane. In total we raised £9700+ for the Bakery which is in Kobane a city rended apart by the long civil war in Syria, but now being run under democratic principles as an autonomous region.

We raised the money in collaboration with Radical Routes the federation of co-operatives which we are part of and Re-Build a kurdish organisation in the U.K which is supporting the process of rebuilding process in Rojava after it’s defence against ISIS Construction has begun at the huge bakery which will be one of the main suppliers of bread for the city and area. Our funding in still in the process of being transferred and will be spent on additional construction work and equipment.

We’d like to say a massive thanks to all the individuals and co-operatives who contributed to the fundraiser – some who opted to take money out of their wages or make donations large and small. In such a turbulent world we should be clear that the main way to support the struggle against ISIS and their strategy is to be uncompromising in our support for the struggle in Rojava.

We think it is important that the co-operative movement in the UK stands in solidarity with the people of Rojava when they need it so much, especially as their cause is not being supported by states and international bodies. There is a long tradition of international support from co-operatives to aid the fight against fascism dating back to the ‘Milk for Spain’ campaigns and the formation of the International Brigades who fought alongside Spanish comrades against Franco’s fascist forces. We need more fundraisers like this, more practical solidarity, more people being actively supporting the development of co-operatives in the region.

The bakery has recently been visited by members of the Plan C Rojava Solidarity Cluster who are based in Kobane who spoke to people there and were shown the progress on construction. We are working with them to have open lines of communication so that co-operatives in the U.K who were invovled in the fundraiser can have a direct link with co-operatives in Rojava.

We produced lots of shirts, mugs and posters of which we still have some for sale. If other co-operatives are intested in buying some for their members or for sale at events please get in contact with us on info@birminghambikefoundry.org

The poster has also gone up for sale on the U.S artist co-operative website  Justseeds.org where we will be raising further money for the bakery or other fundraisers for the struggle in rojava. http://justseeds.org/product/solidarity-with-rojava/

Below are some photos of the construction work in process with some of the machinery which will be used for breadmaking already installed.

For information about other co-operatives in the region it’s worth checking out https://cooperativeeconomy.info/