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COVID-19 and the Bike Foundry

Posted 24.10.2020

We’ve changed the way we’re operating to ensure the safety of our staff and the community

  • We’re serving people at the door and not allowing anyone into the shop unless they are wearing a face covering and at the discretion of the staff member
  • We’re operating by appointment only for most repair work. This helps to limit the number of people gathering at the shop by staggering arrival times. It also helps us mange the increased work load accredited to the reduction in private car use and public transport
  • Punctures and some other minor works can be carried out on a while you wait basis and without appointment, but please call to confirm that we have capacity to do this before visiting
  • We are wearing face coverings whilst serving customers to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19
  • We are spraying all bikes with sanitiser outside the shop before we bring them in
  • We are not coming into work if we or anyone in our household has symptoms as outlined by the WHO

What you can do to help reduce the risks

  • Call in advance or send us an email as we may not have what you’re looking for and a journey to the shop will put yourself and others at risk
  • Do not show up for your appointment at the wrong time as this may clash with another appointment
  • Wear a face covering and sanitise your hands especially when handling products or using the card machine
  • Keep a 2m distance from anyone else outside the shop and give our staff members room
  • Be patient, this is an unusual time for everybody and our staff have been working very hard since March

Thanks for reading.

For more information visit WHO

Call us to book an appointment on 0121 459 7276