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Coronavirus update

Posted 17.03.2020

24/3 update

Bike shops are explicitly excluded from the latest government instructions for more shops to close. All the procedures listed below still apply; the only further change to our operations is that we are suspending Tool Club, and are now closing at 6pm on Thursdays.


Original statement:

Here at the Bike Foundry we are taking steps to make sure that we minimise the risk of coronavirus infection, while also ensuring that people have their bikes to get around. We and other local cooperatives are doing what we can as businesses to support social distancing, the best method we have for slowing the spread of the virus ourselves. This is what we mean by ‘solidarity in separation’.

Bikes are a safer mode of transport in these times – public transport tends to bring people into close contact with each other, and not everyone has access to or can afford cars. Because of this, we will be continuing to do repairs and sell bikes and parts for as long as we can. But there are new steps we are adding to our process to reduce risk.

On arrival at the Bike Foundry, you will be greeted at the door by a worker who will find out what the problem is, and take your contact details, same as usual. Before bringing the bike into the shop we will rinse it with an antiviral solution. The worker will then bring the bike inside and wash their hands before continuing work.

Medical advice indicates that this will greatly reduce the risk of the virus spreading either directly between people, or on the surface of the bike. We will also be implementing more regular surface and hand cleanings throughout the day.

We rely on our customers to apply common sense and keep themselves isolated if they have any symptoms, or to do the same as a precaution if they have been in close contact with someone who has been ill.

The situation is changing rapidly. It is impossible to say with any certainty what the situation will be like in even a few days’ time, so we will update our processes as we learn more. This is a scary time, but we’re focussing on supporting the simple and effective steps we can all take – hygiene and social distancing. We’re also looking forward to working even more with local co-ops to help the community with food and supplies.

– Ben, Chris, Nan and Sean