Gears – Thursday 5th September 2024 4pm – 7pm


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If you already know a bit about working on bikes, then the Gears course is a good way to expand your knowledge further. This is a 3 hour course starting at 4pm.

We will explain all the parts of a bike’s drivetrain and explain the different types of components you may find on your own bike. We’ll go into more detail on the mysteries of compatibility so you know you’re replacing parts with ones that’ll work well with your setup. Finally, you’ll learn how to replace the cables and adjust the dérailleurs so they change gear smoothly every time.

All courses are taught in very small groups with plenty of hands-on time. We will provide training bikes to work on so you don’t need to bring your own. This course follows on naturally from our Bike Basics course but you can start here if you already have a bit of experience working on bikes.