Bike fitting voucher – Full fitting (both modules)


Buy both modules from the bike fitting options. This full package includes the full rider positioning module as well as the foot and shoe setup – useful for riders using clipless pedals



Rider positioning

The rider positioning process is the first and most important stage in a bike fit. For riders who use flat pedals or are happy with their cleat positioning this may be the only fit module needed.

After discussing goals, injuries / past problems and current setup, we will do a functional assessment on and off the bike. We then use an adjustable fit bike to allow us to make small adjustments on the fly while trying out different resistance levels.

The goal for this process is to position the saddle relative to the cranks in order to maximise power output and minimise the effort wasted just maintaining your riding position. Then we will adjust the handlebar position and controls setup to ensure comfort and handling.

The rider positioning segment costs £150, and generally takes around two hours. This includes making any adjustments on your own bike, and any parts which need to be swapped can be ordered for an additional cost.

Foot and shoe setup

For riders who use clipless pedals (SPD or similar) the foot and shoe setup module is a recommended add-on to the rider positioning module.

This process goes into more depth to optimise power output and comfort on the bike by looking at the interface between the foot, the shoe and the pedal. We will assess and adjust your cleats in order to ensure that your pedal stroke has as few inefficiencies as possible. This can reduce the risk of overuse injuries and increase the amount of effort which goes into propulsion.

The charge for this module is £100 and must be done in combination with the rider positioning module (either on the same day or within a short time period). It usually takes around an hour. The price includes basic custom insoles and any adjustments required.