Celebrating Communities funded events



We have received funding from Birmingham City Council through the ‘Celebrating Communities’ small grants fund. All of the events we are running are free to attend, but for some of them you need to make a £5 deposit, refundable on attendance, to secure your place. You can find a description of the bookable events below.

Bike Kitchen

Come and fix your own bike in our workshop under expert supervision. This event is free – we take a £5 deposit to secure your place which we will refund on the day. If you are not able to make this payment please drop by the shop to book in.

We will allocate a minimum of one hour in a work stand for every attendee.

Introductory Gears Course

This two hour course will help you to understand the derailleur gears on your bicycle, diagnose faults and make key adjustments. We will be working on our training bikes.

Introductory Home Mechanics course

This two hour course will be useful for people who have a little experience working on their own bikes, but who would like to take the next steps beyond changing brake pads and fixing punctures.

Introductory Bike Basics course

This two hour course will help you to identify the parts of your bicycle and make basic repairs such as changing brake pads and inner tubes.

Dr Bike events

Come and bring your bike for a free safety check, assessment and basic repairs. It is not essential to book for these events.